Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January Joys :)

Usually about this time of year I am really hating the cold, moving a bit slower than usual, and just itching to be somewhere else....but i am not! Still hanging onto that Christmas Joy! Maybe because of our family's new years resolution to be outside more. We just discovered the Utah Museum of Natural History...who knew Utah had such cool history? Dinosaur bones and native Americans? sweet! I am all about learning these days. Since we have transformed our lives into learning all day every day(A.K.A. home school), i have come to believe that you are never too old to get excited about DINOSAUR BONES or reading about mummies in Ancient Egypt. i love learning!!

Here are a few pictures of us lately: We spent Christmas in Hawaii with the Crosby Clan!

Luke can swim now!!!

We wish you all a happy new year! We hope you are having a great winter too!


Celeste said...

Mara, I'm so impressed that you're homeschooling! I bet you do a wonderful job with your kids.

Rach said...

SO JEALOUS you were in Hawaii for Christmas!! You didn't miss a thing here!